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Big Mikes Calypso Kitchen (Boxpark Croydon)
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Jamaican, West Indian Takeaway

Plantain image
Similar to banana in appearance fried until golden brown and tasting sweet.
Boiled Basmati Rice image
Boiled Basmati Rice
Plain. Premium basmati rice boiled to perfection in our vegetable and fresh herb stock.
Festival (3) image
Festival (3)
Festival (3)
Bajan Fishcakes image
Bajan Fishcakes
3 pieces. An authentic traditional taste of Barbados. Delicate tempura balls of salted fish fresh herbs spring onion parsley a touch of bonnet pepper and flour. Served with one of Big Mike's sauces.
Coleslaw 4oz image
Coleslaw 4oz
Carrots cabbage onions a touch of sugar smothered in mayonnaise. A delightful coleslaw.
Rice and Peas image
Rice and Peas
Our chosen pea (kidney beans gonna black eyed) are soaked for 24 hours, boiled with basmati rice in vegetable stock fresh herbs, and coconut milk. A delicious accompaniment. Compliment your meal with these tasty side dishes.
Chips image
Chips sauteed to perfection. Always good. Compliment your meal with these tasty side dishes.
Jerk Wings image
Jerk Wings
3 pieces. Succulent wings marinated in Big Mike's jerk sauce and chargrilled for that memorable smoky BBQ taste. These are fiery hot but rather delicious.
Big Mac Cheese image
Big Mac Cheese
This is a Bajan Institution and my mother's recipe. I simply love my pie. Macaroni pasta enveloped in a 4 cheese sauce, baked until golden brown, creamy, and rather cheesy.
Vegan Fried Chicken Bites image
Vegan Fried Chicken Bites
It looks like chicken it tastes like chicken honestly, it’s not! Served with either Hot sauce or Big Mikes Twerk & Jerk Sauce or Sweet Chili Sauce or BBQ Sauce or Island Sauce or Vegan Mayo.
Sous - Pork image
Sous - Pork
Pickled pork cerviched with cucumber onions and lemon juice and a touch of bonnet pepper - refreshingly delicious and a Bajan speciality