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The Dutchie Express
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West Indian Caribbean Food Delivery

King Prawn
Full flavour shell-on king prawn, marinate of garlic butter.
Hellshire Shrimp
Spicy, headless King Prawn, shell-on, in house sauce.
Crispy Squid
Delicious strips of calamari with sweet chilli dip.
Jerk Wings
Butterfly wings, jerked on our pan, and drizzled with jerk sauce. (4x per portion)
Sweet Chili Wings
Butterfly fried wings with sweet chili glace. (4x per portion)
Dutchie Fried Wings
Butterfly Dutchie fried wings. (4x per portion)
BBQ Wings
Butterfly wing marinated, fried and tossed in Dutchie BBQ sauce . (4x per portion)
Sweet Chili Fish
Fillets of white fish cooked down in our sweet chili sauce.
Roti & Chickpea Curry (V)
Chickpea & sweet potato curry with Dal-puri roti skin